Why M-O-A-P?

Because we're the strongest!


Support your property with the best and have peace of mind with M-O-A-P

M-O-A-P Heavy Duty Acrow Prop &

Mother Of All Props (M.O.A.P) along with M.O.A.P MATE make sites safer and more productive!

From the creators of Propmate, M.O.A.P is an extra heavy duty size 1 acrow prop that enables M.O.A.P MATE to support two skins of bricks (300mm support) with a combined 500kg safe working load. A full 47% increase in SWL over standard masonry supports is possible because we build the Mother Of All Props bigger, stronger, and heavier (approximately 5kg heavier, in fact) than most standard British Standard acrow props, as well as having a 76mm outer diameter tube, 26% bigger than standard 60mm props.


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"moap looks the business"

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"Much bigger than the bs props and seem like they will last a while"

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"Our company have ordered a number of MOAP props for an upcoming project. The high capacity is welcomed by our builders."

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How It Works

MOAP Acrow Prop Video

Masonry supports such as the Propmate are all generally heavy duty and do a great job; but there’s just one problem: they can’t safely support two skins of bricks.

So why not just make a longer reaching masonry support?

Producing a long, heavy duty masonry support of up to 300mm of bricks without increasing the safe working load just makes no sense to us. All this does is increase the side force on the acrow prop which can sometimes make it bend like a banana.

It's taken a lot of designing, engineering, and testing, but we’re finally able to release our own very heavy duty acrow prop and extended masonry support with the strength to brace these high side loads.

The M.O.A.P combined with M.O.A.P Mate has the capacity to support 320mm of wall with an industry leading safe working load of 500kg.