Size 1 Very Heavy Duty Acrow Prop


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The Mother Of All Props.

MOAP - A larger, stronger, safer prop. Allowing higher span, bigger SWL, and more effective support. 

MOAP MATE - A steel masonry support desgined to accompany the MOAP. Will safely bear 2 skins of bricks. 

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The Mother Of All Props is a size 1 heavy duty acrow prop designed specifically to hold two skins of bricks safely, with an increased SWL to safely bear the extra weight without issue.

Being a size 1 prop, the MOAP height is the standard 1753mm - 3124mm. That’s over 3.1m of height, on a prop able to safely support 500Kgs.

The outer diameter of the prop has been increased over the standard 60mm to a full 76mm.

The internal tube is now 60mm, 25% bigger than the internal tube of standard, lesser props.



The MOAP has been designed specifically to accompany the MOAP MATE, an extended steel masonry support that has been designed to safely support two skins of bricks.

The MOAP MATE has a reach of 300mm. 20mm longer than the Propmate and other standard masonry support systems.

Because of this extended length, we do not recommend the MOAP MATE to be used with anything other than the MOAP acrow prop – the increased stress would cause lesser props to buckle under the load.  



Size 1 Heavy Duty Acrow Prop

Height – Compact


Height – Extended




Outer Diameter



MOAP & MOAP MATE Combined Only




Being one of the UK’s largest importers of acrow props has led us to believe that more needs to be offered to provide builders with the tools they require to effectively carry out their work at the best speed, and with the highest level of safety as reasonably possible.


The acrow prop is a fantastic tool, which for many people offers (an often unadvised, but) varied usage. In essence, it’s a support system designed to take vertical loads, temporarily propping up lintels, beams, and other elements while construction work, repairs or maintenance is carried out.  


The main limitation of the standard acrow prop is its ability to support only a limited size load span.

The most common use of an acrow is in supporting bricks and their loading when replacing lintels, or other load-bearing constructions. However, with a standard reach of 300mm, and taking into account cavity walls, plaster finish, thermal boards, and so on, the weight loading of a standard masonry support is called into question.

This configuration, with a large weight bearing over the full reach of the masonry support, can lead to damaged acrows, and is a serious safety concern.


Following consultation, we developed the MOAP MATE, a masonry support designed with a 320mm reach to directly address this concern.

This extended reach also, in our eyes, necessitates a much stronger, safer acrow prop designed to be able to withstand these higher side loads with ease. And thus the Mother Of All Props was born.


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