Why M-O-A-P?

The Mother Of All Props – A beefed up super-prop, able to bear weights lesser props can only dream of.

The MOAP is the brainchild of one of the UK’s biggest supplier of acrow props, trench props, push-pull props, underpinning jacks and any other form of shoring tool or equipment you could ever think of needing.

Simply put, we know our props.

We also know our customers; the builders, engineers, designers, contractors, and home DIYers who want a good, strong, reliable prop. You want to know that you are safe when standing beneath a line of acrows holding up your roof beams. Most of all, you want to know your employees or family are safe because they're the ones living/working in a construction site after the project is delayed for the third time...

Thus, MOAP and MOAP MATE were born; a size 1 super heavy-duty acrow prop, coupled with an extended and strengthened masonry support.

Enough strength to support 500Kgs combined, and enough length to safely accept two skins of bricks with a cavity.

It will also outlast any other acrow prop on the market, guaranteed.

The MOAP In Full Glory
Standard Acrow Prop
Standard Acrow Prop

47% Higher Safe Working Load*

100mm Longer Reach

26% Larger Tube

More Durable Longer Lasting More Reliable

*Only when MOAP & MOAP MATE Combined
MOAP Acrow Prop
MOAP Acrow Prop

Don't Believe Us?

We're STRONGER, SAFER & LONGER than our competitors.

Watch this video if you don't believe us to see the differences our product has in comparison.

Why MOAP Video


Support your property with the best and have peace of mind with M-O-A-P

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"moap looks the business"

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark

"Much bigger than the bs props and seem like they will last a while"

J. Hanley J. Hanley J. Hanley J. Hanley J. Hanley

"Our company have ordered a number of MOAP props for an upcoming project. The high capacity is welcomed by our builders."

J. Hanley

Have any questions?

If you have any questions or you would just like to speak to someone and get a little more information, shoot us an email and we'll help the best we can!